This may cause for several reasons, due to cache,  firewall, antivirus and may be windows defender. we can overcome all these issues with best practices.

If BarterDEX taking Longtime to load, Let say more than 10 Mins, It might be an issue, To troubleshoot further follow below steps.

Steps to follow : --


  •     Close BarterDEX app;
  •     Go to %appdata% folder of BarterDEX, Delete cache folder; 
  •     Try to Load BarterDEX app again.
  •      If you still face issue, move BarterDEX User data folder to Backup and Delete the BarterDEX folder and Relaunch BarterDEX.


  • Close BarterDEX app;
  • Go to Application → Utilities → Activity Monitor;
  • Check if there are any processes related to BarterDEX remaining (BarterDEX, BarterDEX helper, marketmaker);
  • Quit the remaining process ("Force to quit" button at the top-left corner of the window).

If BarterDEX unable to add coin let say BEER coin, It might be some old configuration cache have issue.

Steps to follow :--

  • Close BarterDEX
  • Go to %appdata% folder of BarterDEX, Delete coins.json file
  • Relaunch BarterDEX app

Windows: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/BarterDEX
Linux: /home/<Username>/.BarterDEX
MacOS: ~/Library/Application \Support/BarterDEX