Step-by-step guide

  • Install BarterDEX: How to Install BarterDEX
  • Once your installation is complete you need to create new seed in order to fund your smart addresses. This step is extremely important. Please pay attention!

Video Guide:

Understanding how to fund your smart address for testing:

To make sure you have utxo pairs for both the bob and alice usage, it is best to send utxo in triplets of X,  1.2 X and 0.01 X. So if X is 10, send 10, 12, and 0.1 coins using sendtoaddress to your smartaddress. This means you will have to send 3 different transactions to the same address with 3 different quantities

**In other words, send transactions in trios to your smart address provide by MarketMaker/BarterDEX client. Example:

  • hush-cli sendtoaddress <your smartaddress> 0.01   (don't forget 0.0 then the 1)
  • hush-cli sendtoaddress <your smartaddress> 1.00
  • hush-cli sendtoaddress <your smartaddress> 1.2

Always Follow Wallet Best Practices: How to secure my seed and privatekeys