• To trade ETH/ERC20 tokens in BarterDEX, you will need to enable the ETOMIC token first. They are free and used for simulating the UTXO behaviour of Bitcoin compatible coins with ETH/ERC20 tokens.
  • Add the required ERC20 tokens following the guide at: How to add coins/assets/tokens to BarterDEX GUI for trading

A short version of the instructions:  

  • Go to manage coins
  • Add coins from the left pane to the list
  • Add as many coins as you want
  • Restart BarterDEX
  • Login
  • Enable coins with the Add Coin button
  • First enable ETOMIC before enabling any other ETH or ERC20 coin
  • For further help, reach out to us in the #tradebots channel of our Discord. Invite: https://komodoplatform.com/discord

If for some reason, your BarterDEX is not able to receive ETOMIC automatically,

  • You will need to get ETOMIC from someone, it's free.
  • You can also trade free ETOMIC with free BEER. Beer faucet: https://www.atomicexplorer.com/#/faucet/beer
  • After getting free BEER, trade it for ETOMIC.
  • Once you have Etomic in your wallet, you can start trading ETH/ERC20 tokens in BarterDEX

Possible errors:

  • Coin Status: Could not get ETOMIC from faucet! This can be caused when it's required to get ETOMIC from faucet, but the request fails for some reason. It can be due to network connectivity issues or some issue with the ETOMIC Electrum server. Kindly contact us through our support channels regarding any issues/errors while using BarterDEX.