Use the latest version of BarterDEX available at:

All the information/instructions in the following guide were taken from the video: How to Add Coins in BarterDEX GUI Using New Manage Coins Feature

If you would like to follow a text guide, read along.

  • From the version 1.1.0, there will only be 3 coins available to be added by default (Click the ADD COINS button) . They are: KMD, BTC and ETOMIC . ETOMIC is a utility token (free/valueless) that is used to simulate the behavior of Bitcoin compatible chains for ETH/ERC20 tokens so that they can be traded. ETOMIC should be enabled if you wish to trade ETH/ERC20 tokens. 

For ETOMIC related guide, view: How to trade ETH/ERC20 tokens in BarterDEX

  • BarterDEX supports adding a maximum of 256 coins at a time. As there are more than 256 coins that are available, you need to pick which subset of coins/assets/tokens that you are interested to trade and just add them.

The  process for adding a coin to be traded is as follows:

  • Launch BarterDEX
  • Input your Seed/Passphrase/WIF (Wallet import format key) and Log In (If you are using BarterDEX for the first time, follow: How to Install BarterDEX)

  • Click the Manage coins button in the next screen.

  • If you are upgrading from a previous version of BarterDEX (or even if you are a new user), click on the Reset Local Coin Db button and then the Fetch Coin Updates button.

  • Restart BarterDEX and Log In again with your Passphrase after this. (Everytime Coin Db related settings are changed, restart BarterDEX to make them come into effect)
  • Go to Manage coins again. In the drop-down menu on the left side, select and add all the coins/assets/tokens that you wish to trade in using the Add Coin to local database button.
  • Restart BarterDEX and Log In.
  • Now when you click the ADD COINS button, you will see all the coins added by you along with the default coins. 

  • Select a coin, and click the Enable button to enable the coin. If you want to use Native Mode, toggle the Electrum Mode button. (Electrum Mode is recommended to new users because, in Native Mode, you will have to download the blockchains of all the coins you wish to trade.)  
  • To have your desired set of coins available to trade on every startup, follow this guide: How to enable coins/assets/tokens to be activated at startup for BarterDEX GUI


  • In case of errors such as image files not loading for barterDEX and various coins or, Coin status: No electrum servers found for KMD, use Native Mode. Go to Manage coins, click the Fetch CoinsDb Update button and then the Fetch Coin Updates button and Restart.
  • If the above step doesn't resolve your issue, Click on Reset Local Coin Db then repeat the above step. Note that clicking Reset Local Coin Db will reset all the coin info to default and you would need to add your coin selections and startup coins (In two separate steps) again.
  • For further queries contact us on the support channel of our Discord. Invitation: