Komodo 5% Active User Reward on Ledger Hardware Wallets

Ledger is a 3rd party company responsible for producing secure hardware wallets for secure storage of cryptocurrencies.

While Ledger hardware wallets have supported storing Komodo for quite some time, previously it was not possible to claim the 5% Active User Reward

The Komodo app running on the Ledger could not sign reward claim transactions due to outputs being larger than inputs, resulting in an error. This needed to be fixed in the Komodo Ledger app (that runs on the device, not Ledger Live) before any software could get the Ledger to sign a reward claim transaction.

Thanks to Atomic Labs developer Luke Childs, a fix was submitted to Ledger and incorporated into their code. Komodo holders are now able to claim the Komodo 5% Active User Reward for funds stored in a Ledger device.


The methods below are third party solutions and are not managed by Komodo.

U2F API is required to communicate with the Ledger device (Chrome / Opera browser recommended).

pbca26's HW Komodo Wallet

pbca26's HW Rewards Claim App

Atomic Labs

Magnum Wallet

If you encounter connectivity issues with your Ledger, follow the steps listed here - https://support.ledger.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005165269

NOTE: As these are third party solutions, please direct any support issues to encountered to Ledger, Magnum, or Atomic Labs.

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