Komodo - a privacy focused cryptocurrency which rewards it's active users 5% annually. All an user has to do is send minimum 10 KMD in their wallet address that they control and the transaction locktime is set. You can read more about the 5% reward here.

Ledger is a 3rd party company who produces secure hardware wallet for users to keep their crypto secure. Ledger hw wallets also support Komodo using their own implementation of Komodo wallet and their secure back-end server. Unfortunately, their code doesn't support accruing and collecting the rewards. Ledger wallets also doesn't set locktime on transactions which is essential for accruing the reward. Also, if an user send funds from their Ledger Komodo wallet, they will loose the reward.

We already reached out to Ledger with a possible fix pointed out by our Lead Developer James Lee a.k.a jl777. You can read more about it here https://github.com/LedgerHQ/ledger-nano-s/issues/21 .

We can't directly implement the fix as this is their intellectual property and the code is not open for 3rd party from Ledger. We also would like this issue to be fixed and hope our users will be able to collect reward using Ledger hw wallet.

If you prefer to claim reward and not looking for security, please use Agama, Agama Mobile, KomodoOceanQT wallet or CLI. And, use Ledger hw wallet for security of your coins.

Wallet download:


Note: Don't use your Ledger hardware wallet to send funds if would like to collect Komodo 5% active user reward.