A Parallel Chain (often referred to as Assetchain) is a independently created blockchain (by a user, business or any other 3rd party) that inherits all of Komodo's features like BarterDEX compatibility, Zero Knowledge Privacy, dPoW, etc. but also has custom specifications such as the custom coinsupply and custom rpc-port. More custom features are currently in the pipeline to get added.

Parallel chains use the delayed proof-of-work-dpow algorithm and thus are as secure as Bitcoin. This makes them the first solution to decentralised tokenization that is as secure as Bitcoin. 

Some Komodo assetchains include DEX, SuperNET, REVS, Bitcoin Hush and MNZ (Monaize).

More information:

Parallel AC integration guide for notary nodes: https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/komodo/wiki/Assetchains-Guide-for-Notary-Nodes

Creation of a parallel chain: https://docs.komodoplatform.com/komodo/create-Komodo-Assetchain.html

dPoW for Parallel Chains

Komodo parallel chains notarize their blockchain data into the Komodo blockchain in determined intervals. The Komodo blockchain is then 'dPoWed' (notarized) into Bitcoin's blockchain which results in Bitcoin-level security for the entire platform. Parallel chains and the main Komodo blockchain only need the last notarization to verify all transactions up to the time of the notarization. This means that in an event of an attack, all parallel chains have an anchor on the Komodo and the Bitcoin blockchain. Think of it like a 2fa for a native blockchain. Additionally, Komodo Platform can switch the dPoW from Bitcoin to the coin that has the highest hashrate; making it highly flexible and robust.

ⓘ Delayed Proof-of-Work is flexible and can be switched to notarize unto the blockchain with highest hashrate. Currently that is Bitcoin. This flexibility ensures the security of Komodo Platform and of the assetchains if the Bitcoin network becomes saturated or its hashrate is surpassed by another cryptocurrency. Additionally, assetchains are fully independent and can migrate away from Komodo if they wish.