Difference between Native and Lite mode

Agama can be used in either Native Mode (stores the blockchain on your hard drive) or Lite (SPV) Mode, which uses Simple Payment Verification (SPV) to query the blockchain via remote nodes to get balance information and validate transactions. Agama can run in either Lite or Native mode, but not both at the same time.

In simple terms, Native mode uses up local disk space, and takes a while to sync each time you run Agama. Lite mode is fastest to get running uses very little disk space, and you dont need to wait for it to sync. The trade off is that Lite mode uses 3rd party servers, which are sometimes unavailable (though there are usually alternative servers whci can be selected in the config menu).

Native mode offers additional launch parameters, which may be required if you need to reindex the locally stored blockchain data  in order to find lost transactions or to repair an incorrect shutdown. These parameters can be accessed by clicking on Activate Coin.

The advantage of Native Mode is the security of not relying on trust of external data, and supporting the network by acting as a node. Native Mode also allows CPU mining through the wallet, and generates a pool of addresses for change which helps obfuscate your transaction history. 

NOTE: These addresses are stored in your wallet.dat which should be backed up regularly.

Running in Native Mode will mean waiting for 100% sync before being able to transact and check your current balance.

Lite (SPV) mode is more convenient for quick access to your funds without waiting for sync, which is perfect for use on mobile devices to avoid using up storage space by downloading the blockchain. 

SPV uses bloom filtering to download only the data necessary to validate your the state of your balance and transactions as at the current blockheight. 

To get this information quickly, Lite wallets are single address only, though you can create as many addresses as you like with different private keys, wallet seeds and pin files.

You can migrate from Native to Lite mode or Lite to Native Mode at any time by importing your private keys. Follow the guides below for more information.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.

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