Komodo is a zero knowledge proof blockchain, this provides KMD with a privacy layer. 

The platform has two types of addresses:

                1.  T-addresses: public addresses i.e. Bitcoin type ( Known as transparent addresses, start with the letter "R" )

                2.  Z-addresses:  uses zksnarks to shield transaction data i.e. Zcash type ( Known as shielded addresses, start with the letter "z" )

NoteWhen we send funds from a T - address to a Z- address, the transactions are shielded. After that same or identical amounts can be transferred back to the T - address. This Process is called Round-trip transactions.

      Types of transactions that can be made :

  •   T- address  to  Z - address
  •   Z- address to  Z - address
  •   Z - address to T - address

How to Perform Z - Transactions In Agama

  •  Open Agama Native after Its fully  synched
  •  Go to receive section, Create Z- address
  •  Take Backup of Zaddress Private Keys
  •  Send some KMD funds from T - address to Z - address, It takes around 1 - 2 Mins to process the transactions and to confirm your funds In wallet.
  •  When you want those funds back, you can send that funds back to T - address, In this way you can shield your transactions, without compromising Privacy.

 Limitations :

  •  Native wallet only helps to get Z- transactions and the Wallet.dat file withholds all the private keys.
  •  Neither Electrum nor Agama SPV mode  are able to retrieve necessary data for parsing shielded outputs. For this reason it is only recommended  to use Native Mode.

  Scenarios :

  • In Native Mode, Transactions History have both Transparent transactions and Shielded Transactions aka Z- Transactions.

Explorer View

  •        In Lite Mode, Transactions  amounts and type of transactions  all are obscured. Due to some limitations all data is shown as  UNKNOWN. For now Electrum servers are unable to make z transaction data to be visible.

If you face any issues, please create a support ticket. Join us on Komodo Discord to talk to our community.