If you own jl777 assets on NXT, we have great news for you! The time to migrate to Komodo Platform has come.

The following are the KMD assetchains that correspond to NXT assets:

(The 10 assets will be swapped to the corresponding KMD assetchains. )

SuperNET: {"result":"success","coin":"SUPERNET","lastnotarization":4687,"bestheight":4693}
NXTprivacy: {"result":"success","coin":"JUMBLR","lastnotarization":6458,"bestheight":6465}
InstantDEX: {"result":"success","coin":"DEX","lastnotarization":4430,"bestheight":4430}
NXTcoinsco: {"result":"success","coin":"BOTS","lastnotarization":4451,"bestheight":4456}
sharkfund0: {"result":"success","coin":"SHARK","lastnotarization":2167,"bestheight":2167}
crypto777: {"result":"success","coin":"CRYPTO","lastnotarization":4931,"bestheight":4942}
jl777hodl: {"result":"success","coin":"HODL","lastnotarization":4656,"bestheight":4665}
pangea: {"result":"success","coin":"PANGEA","lastnotarization":4283,"bestheight":4283}
privatebet: {"result":"success","coin":"BET","lastnotarization":4570,"bestheight":4575}
MGW: {"result":"success","coin":"MGW","lastnotarization":4612,"bestheight":4661}

Redeeming Process:

In order to redeem, transfer the asset to the SuperNET account NXT-MRBN-8DFH-PFMK-A4DBM with a permanent message that has the KMD format address they want the assetchain coins sent to.

The transfers will be processed prior to any dividends that are sent out, which means if you dont transfer before the payout date, you will miss out on that payout. However, I cannot promise any specific date for the conversion, only that if you do the above asset transfer before payouts, you wont miss any payouts.

First payout will be for crypto777 CRYPTO and currently has approx 50 BTC accrued in https://blockchain.info/address/1P3rU1Nk1pmc2BiWC8dEy9bZa1ZbMp5jfg.

Payout Process:

We expect the payout to be processed in December. SuperNET's share of this is approx 12 BTC. Good news is BTC txfees got low enough to consolidate all the small transactions, so it will be possible to send out the dividend after it is converted to KMD. It isnt that big of an amount, but we have to start somewhere.

The asset transfer swaps will be open until March 1st 2018, which is over 4 months from now, we have learned the pains of having a one year swap period! It is not clear how much longer the NXT chain will have enough forging percentage to keep it secure, so time is of the essence.

After that date, there is no assurance that the NXT assets will have any value, they will not be eligible for swaps, so would be like BTCD which also wont have any conversion rights.

NXTventure will have its significant holdings distributed out proportionally to the holders as of the end of November to allow time for people to swap received assets into assetchain coins before the first CRYPTO payout in December.

SuperNETx2 will receive 1 SuperNET and 1 REVS to approximate its double revshare.

Migration Deadline: March 1st 2018

127 days left from the day this article was written.

List of NXT Assets

Asset ID: 12071612744977229797

- NXTprivacy > JUMBLR
Asset ID: 17911762572811467637

- InstantDEX > DEX
Asset ID: 15344649963748848799

- NXTcoinsco > BOTS
Asset ID: 17571711292785902558

- sharkfund0 > SHARK
Asset ID: 3006420581923704757

- crypto777 > CRYPTO
Asset ID: 13476425053110940554

- jl777hodl > HODL
Asset ID: 6932037131189568014

- Pangea > PANGEA
Asset ID: 6883271355794806507

- Privatebet > BET
Asset ID: 17083334802666450484

Asset ID: 10524562908394749924

Asset ID: 13502152099823770958
Note: 1 SuperNETx2 asset will be swapped for 1 SUPERNET + 1 REVS